Some of the Famous Stock Market App for Your Smartphone

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Nowadays mobile phones are no more a utility item; it has become the need of people. In fact mobile phones are no more named as only mobile or cellular phone; they are now smartphones with various smart features. Smartphones are basically featured mobile phone with a great computing ability which serves many utility features. So now a person of any and every age needs a smartphone for his own personal and professional purpose. The purpose may be anything; it may be checking his mails, may be using the social network or may be checking and getting the updates of stock markets. Yes, now you can even keep the track of stock market using some smartphone app or application programs.

Some of the famous stock market apps are as following:

Bloomberg: The most famous and trusted source of stock market is Bloomberg.  It is not only useful to keep the track of stock updates but also to get the latest news and you can also analyse the market using Bloomberg. Now think, if Bloomberg is there in your mobile phone, how useful that could be. The good news is it is there, so now you can use Bloomberg as an app at your smartphone. You just need to be a Bloomberg subscriber to use this app. All of your stock market news is at your pocket now. In fact if you need an all-time professional coverage Bloomberg anywhere, this app is there for you. Stock market news, data, up to date market report, real time quotes etc., all the mentioned features are there at your smartphone pocket app. So you can take Bloomberg as a complete solution.

Finance: Another famous app is Finance which is designed by Google. Finance is also an app with utility. You can get all the real time quotes, market updates using this app. The greatest feature of this application program is its nice looking user interface which is user friendly too. So anyone who is not very habituated with this sort of app can use it very easily. So it is profitable for you to use Google Finance.

Yahoo Finance: Though Google finance is good but it is not as famous as Yahoo finance is. Yahoo Finance is a very simple way to research about every detailed matter of finance marketing. It will give you a daily update summery every day along with its every detail, so that you can judge the market perfectly. The format of this app is actually very easy to understand. This is a decent and trusted way to keep in touch with the stock market.

Stock Watcher: Google Finance and Yahoo Finance are very useful but they will limit you at one stage. In this case Stock Watcher is the best app to use. The best part about this app is no limitation. You can use multiple Android (a smart phone operating system) widgets at the same home screen so that you can keep the track of everything. By using this app you can not only get the latest news of the market but also can keep the track of many.

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Sachin the author of this post loves to write on technology, insurance, finance, stock market, etc. If you are a smartphone user then it is now very simple for you to keep yourself updated with all the stock market news with the help of smartphone apps. Smartphone users are advised to get their phone insured that too from a reputed brand such as so as to use their phone without any worries. Using your phone for your business is always great but then at the same time taking good care of it by getting it insured is your duty.

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  1. Maurice March 4, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    I’m just curious how the stock exchange works and just how I’m able to make some cash I hear tales that individuals purchase and sell shares from stock marketplaces making cash is this type of like gambling?

  2. Sanjuanita May 7, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    I’ve about $12,000 liquid assets along with a steady earnings. I’m thinking about benefiting on these savings, and a minimum of beating inflation.

    How do i purchase the stock exchange? Would you recommend an agent or some software? How do you know or determine what stocks to purchase?

    May be the stock exchange too volatile? Must I just decide on a C.O.D. or bonds or something like that?

  3. Denny June 18, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    What’s stock exchange really? and just what are its functions? and much more information, if anyone can…..

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