Religion and pay day loans

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These two hardly appear to belong in the same sentence – religion and pay day loans. However, there are various prohibitions on charging interest in Judaism, Christianity and Islam – the connection isn’t new and has been recently raised in the UK.

In the UK the Church of England recently said it will seek to compete with pay day loan providers by providing similar loans through credit unions. Surprising? Perhaps not given that the Archbishop is a former financier who has previously lobbied for a cap on high interest rates charged by loan companies. The Archbishop said pay day loan companies are as “morally wrong” and has compared the industry to Old Testament usurers.

The Archbishop has met with the CEO of Wonga, a large pay day lender who not only has a large presence in the UK but also in Canada ( and other countries. It is reported that Wonga seems to be unthreatened by the Archbishop’s challenge stating that it welcomes a fuller set of alternatives for people to solve their financial challenges and for better consumer choice. Should pay day lenders feel threatened?

The Archbishop’s idea is nice one. However, in reality will the church be able to compete with large lenders? It seems that the plan is for the church to help 500 financial co-operatives to expand their reach by using the Church’s 16,000 premises. At first glance, it sounds like a good idea but looking at the reasons why people use pay day loans this action by the Church is hardly likely to drive them out of the market.

For a start, there is the moral judgment which many borrowers will feel is being placed upon them by having to go to a church. One attraction that pay day lenders have is that the borrowing process is private.  There is no judgment. People my feel that the church is judging them or even trying to convert them! This will be a major hurdle. Secondly, the Archbishop’s plan means that his preferred lenders will not be available 24/7 like online pay day lenders. Credit unions also are likely to have more paperwork and to make the loans financially viable (and competitive) there are likely to be fuller credit checks.

While providing a location will decrease lender’s overheads short term lending carries many other expenses which will need to be covered by the interest rate charged and the fees. The main expense is the default rate – high risk borrowers often default. This has to be covered by the borrowers who do pay up. Credit Unions haven’t been too interested in providing short term loans in the past – it seems odd that they will suddenly find the whole thing attractive just because they have a number of locations rent free. There will clearly be other big costs to be considered by the Credit Unions associated with staffing and set up.

The Church has also run into another hurdle – it transpires that they have indirectly invested in the pay day loan industry.  The Church’s pension fund of $7.7 billion was invested in a firm which led Wonga’s 2009 fundraising. This obviously has been an embarrassment.    Obviously taking the moral high ground when it comes to business can back fire.   That said, a red face is unlikely to deter the Archbishop and the Church.  What may deter them are the realities of pay day lending – it will be interesting to see what happens next.   This is unlikely to happen overnight.

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  1. Alejandro September 4, 2013 at 10:57 pm

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    A number of my other siblings also have done drugs and to tell the truth I personally don’t like my siblings. One of these just visited jail for just two many got launched.

    honestly I do not understand what I’m doing wrong. I seem like older siblings ought to know much better than their little siblings and that i just hate them and also have a lot of bitterness towards them. We never really talk. All of this happened a couple of years back after i was busy attending college also it just makes me angry that some your personal siblings will bring a lot shame for your family.

    Personally i think depressed relating to this also it pains me to understand which i cant get back what is already happened. Has anybody experienced an identical situation

  2. Freddy September 7, 2013 at 7:31 pm

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  3. Raymond September 13, 2013 at 5:29 am

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  4. Katherin September 14, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    we spend millions on war to “safeguard” people then your military recieves funds for manufacture of weapons. why does not the ferderal gov’t use our tax cash on us(the folks) instead of destruction?

  5. Trey October 23, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    My spouse and i only make 1800.00 every 2 days but we’d as many as 4 payday loan places lending us 2400.00 despite the fact that we demonstrated them our pay stubs and inform them my husbands hrs were cut and that he needed to have a decline in pay. Is that this legal. We’ve to discover a method to obtain these compensated off.

  6. Merrilee November 4, 2013 at 6:50 am

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  7. Willian December 1, 2013 at 3:42 pm

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  8. Richard March 16, 2014 at 7:19 am

    okay so its arrived at my conclusion that religion is virtually bull. everything began with a few guy who most likely never designed to begin such orginaztions to begin with. i’m able to spell just btw im lazy at this time and pissed.

    i had been elevated catholic however it appears like brain washing more how to me. telling kids to think that somebody returned 72 hours once they were dead and hidden and spoken to his disciples. every story within the bible ahs an ethical to reside by however the story isn’t true. you will get exactly the same teachings from confucious or different types of philosophy.

    people constitute religions. martin luther, king henry the something, adam cruz(mormon guy maybe?)

    cant all of us agree that there’s no religion except existence which to disagree about existence is the opposite of our character to like one another and character. when we counseled me cathloic and the world visited chapel every sunday our planet wouldn’t be much better then if counseled me a lot of apathetic nonbelievers. im a nonbeliever although not apathetic.

    shouldnt we worship our planet and soil we walk on? we all do but religion appears to obtain in the manner.

    it appears silly to think within the story from the crucifixion and jesus being elevated in the dead however i realise why people do. jesus was unique he was indeed a saviour of sorts but does which means that he’s our saviour two 1000 years later? it depends if you’re able to find present day saviours.

    it appears religion uses business principle the more people it ahs the greater influence and therefore energy to help the planet may it be within the welfare people or otherwise.

    idk just my ideas.

    like to check this out argument ongoing in comments

    i really like it when individuals are extremely afraid to reply to an issue and draw attention away from there own hidden truth with something irreveleant like spelling and punctuations. turd.

    @annette landry i realize might thats a proper human impulse to possess but maybe it is not any greater only then do we are maybe it’s and perhaps it is not. its both i believe.

    @ocean squill sqquill but does each existence take same form again and again again or will it come to be another thing?

    im mad in the world because im a dreadful sinner and im attempting to make it ebtter with myself so im joining the military maybe i will not be so mad but ignorant individuals like you mention no evidence whether a classic book just like any spiritual fact really really piss me off. dumb persons stop responding to these qustions

  9. Rico June 1, 2014 at 11:22 am

    Just how can anybody be considered a capitalist without interest–and so the Muslims remain poor and blame free airline for his or her OWN Problems!This really is such as the guy who shot his parents and bemoaned he was an orphan!

    1 / 2 of there is nothing nothing!

    Are you able to keep prices fixed inside a competitive world? The Muslim concept is of the fixed and stable economy–it does not appear to operate this way! A minimum of not unless of course all Chinese are transformed into Islam, why would they would like to convert after going 1000’s of years using their own values! There’s no value in becoming poor–besides, they attempted Communism (controlled economy), also it did not succeed on their behalf–it’s like forcing wise individuals to dumb lower! Somewhere on the planet there will be a person who’s wise enough to stand out and never accompany the concept pretty women must have to put on headscarves so they won’t look pretty! I am proud to become a united states and that i love my Freedom and Independence!

    The main reason some Muslims visit mosque to wish is to buy zakat, they also get Social Security in the U.S. Government!

    Risk is really a two-way street! Had people bought the things they can afford, they will not have gone into debt! This went beyond “maintaining using the Joneses”! Between Capitalism and Strict Socialism there’s an average, and individuals should live inside their means however, there’s always likely to be someone who will get wealthy not through investment but through effort–that cash generating interest could be employed to assist the poor! The Nobel Awards are a good example!

    There’ll always be somebody ready to pay interest! Religion shouldn’t attempt to change human instinct…and human instinct in not necessarily egocentric, but that is when there’s enough for everyone! Jesus and also the seafood and bakery, but his disciples experienced the fields around the Sabbath! Yes–you will see individuals ready to will work around the Sabbath, and often that actually work even helps the indegent! Yet, we work to ensure that we might eat, and just later on are we able to feed others!

    THE SWEDISHFISH should be reminded concerning the Jesus parable from the metropolitan areas (reputation for coins) whereby Jesus expected the individuals with whom he gave the cash to take a position it…merely a person pledged to poverty with a vow is needed to stay poor! My own opinion is the fact that NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER is extreme, which Islam is robust enough to possess interest that could be supervised with a court to make certain there’s no loansharking! The marketplace is out of kilter when there’s no interest, and there’s not a way to find out the amount of interest is warranted for just how much risk, since there’s not a way to evaluate risk ahead of time–just like insurance plans! So, the thing you need is to cope with risk is really a COMMONWEALTH (consortium), that’s, people being employed as an organization together–then who helps make the choices and just how astute are individuals choices, however i could possibly get that expertise should i be ready to give my agent a share from the revenue. Nobody needs to operate or purchase nothing–ISLAM CANNOT CHANGE Human Instinct.

    You will find 10 suggests be granted–you might decide among her who will get them! Will certainly one of you decide to go away with the points, or shall we must wait for a Deliverer in the future! Recall the words of Hillel the Sage: Should i be not personally, who definitely are for me personally should i be just for myself, what shall we be held and when not now, when?

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