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Car title loans are gaining popularity these days because of their facility to get instant cash. Car title loan are very convenient loan for people as these loans are easily available and the processing of these loans is very fast. People with even bad credit score can apply for these loans.

These car title loans are secured form of loan in which you get loan according to the equity of your car. Borrowers who apply for car title loan get 60% of the amount according to the market value of his car. For example if market value of your car is $10,000 the according to 60% vale you get $6,000 as loan against the equity of your car. In this loan borrower’s car is used as collateral which is pledged with lenders against the loan amount and this collateral are sold off to recover the debt amount if in case borrowers fail to repay the loan amount.

In these car title loans, it is not necessary for a borrower to maintain good credit score because credit score doesn’t effect in the approval procedure of the loan. This is because the amount of loan given is not more than the value of your car and if in case you fail to repay the loan amount then the lender doesn’t have to worry because your car is pledged with them which they sell to recover the debt amount. The only thing which is required for the approval of loan is the documents which prove that you are the owner of car.

Another benefit of these loans is that you can keep your car with yourself and use it even after getting approval for the loan amount. The only thing you have to do is sign an agreement stating that you took a loan keeping your car as collateral and in case you fail to repay the loan amount then your lender will have full right to confiscate your car.

As you know that every good thing come with some bad thing so after looking so many advantages of these loan it is time to take a look on the disadvantages of these loans. The biggest disadvantage of these loans is that you mat lose your car if in case you fail to repay the loan amount.

Another good side of this loan is that you can talk to your lender regarding the repayment of loan anytime. Like you are now facing some financial hardship and it is getting difficult for you to manage paying your car title loan then you can contact your lender stating him with your problem and the you can request for some extension in the duration of loan by which your monthly installment will get lower so that you can manage to pay off your loan amount.

Many people do mistake that they cut all the communication with lenders if in case they face problems in paying off the loan amount which is a bad idea. So, it is advised that whatever problem is you should talk to your lender so that you both can come out with a common solution which is suitable for both the lenders and borrowers.

Another disadvantage of this car title loan is that the loan amount which you borrow totally depends on the equity of your car. It means that if your car is old and its market value is less, then you will not get a high amount loan which might fail in fulfilling your requirement. So, if you are planning to take a big loan then you might don’t get approval from lenders if the market value of your car is not more than that of your loan amount.

Well, a car title loan is a good loan for people who have bad credit score and are facing difficulties in getting approval from the traditional lenders. They can easily get approval from the private lenders. All they have to keep in mind that they take the loan from a lender who is charging them low interest rate on the personal installment loans amount.

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  1. Cheryl April 10, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    Very stupid I understand. However I had a car title loan on my small vehicle in 2008 in alabama. It had been for I believe $300 maybe $700. Things happened and that i was not able to pay for the borrowed funds promptly. I attempted working it together plus they was adamant on me letting them know in which the vehicle was situated which I didn’t. I moved from condition and haven’t designed a payment or approached them since. So far as I understand they’ve never known as my references concerning the loan. I’ve since offered the vehicle to my buddy. they’ve no clue where I’m or any sending numbers to make contact with me. Must I refer to them as about having to pay from the loan? Its still registered in AL. Its a classic vehicle and never sure just how much longer it will likely be running. I understand it was wrong to not pay so please no lectures. Bad devote my existence in those days. Only need opinions.

    The automobile isn’t registered but it’s insured. He resides in another condition i quickly do now and I must settle this problem. It has been over 2 yrs now, how could they are available have it should they have not a clue where its at.

  2. Karey April 22, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    my boyfriend just purchased a used vehicle from the car dealership under 2 days ago. he finanaced the vehicle via a bank in the title only, the title is within his title only, but we’re BOTH insured around the vehicle, and we will do the very first time registration onto it soon.

    i was both looking for new cars, she got one, and i am waiting until i start my job inside a couple of days before i customize the one. he found another vehicle he wants many i was considering moving the possession from the 4runner he just bought in my experience. (the 4runner is much more within my cost range). i wish to a minimum of perform the borrowed funds in order to build credit, but have no idea if i have to just add my title towards the original vehicle loan its on now, and have “buy” the 4runner from him and remove my very own loan. also, if thats the situation, i shouldn’t need to re-register the vehicle (it will likely be another 600-700$) then when we visit register it: 1) can he put my title around the registration too even tho only his title is around the titile? 2) are we able to visit the Department of motor vehicles or even the bank (where we required the borrowed funds) and add my title towards the vehicle title? and three) should i remove my very own loan in just my title to construct credit, or am i going to earn as much credit basically only ADD my title towards the existing loan that’s in the title? and 4) must i remove his title in the title, registration, etc….. or simply ensure that it stays (and when so, do we have to article an invoice of purchase)….

    i understand this really is complicated, but orig i would wait some time to obtain a vehicle but we’ve encounter some luck and everything is right… i’m able to pay the 4 runner since he’s compensated therefore it lower and that he would like to “market it in my experienceInch or allow me to dominate the obligations in the current amount he owes…..

    what exactly will i do…? still it has got the temp registration plates and we have to register it now therefore we were wishing to decipher it before this..

  3. Marietta April 23, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    my GF got such a-used vehicle. the individual stated the title is clean, the only real accident it has been was if this was rear-ended and merely needed a brand new bumper. but never really reconstructed. this vehicle originated from a car dealership auction btw.

    anyways, the individual states its clean, but theres a part of side from the vehicle that’s a rather shade of different shade of red-colored because the relaxation from the vehicle, additionally a motor mount must be changed right in front ..this really is making result in assume the accident was fairly bad to become harmful the front-end….so im wondering when the accident actually was “reconstructed” and it is worse than she stated it had been

    the financial institution ties in make the bank lowed my girlfriend the cash. would the financial institution have the ability to see exactly what the title was? i heard the financial institution may not accept reconstructed game titles, or charge extra? besides having to pay 35 dollars for carfax, can there be anyway to discover?

  4. Oda June 23, 2014 at 9:23 am

    I’ve got a car title loan on my vehicle and i am selling it to repay the borrowed funds and buy a smaller costly vehicle. My real question is if the person will get financing to pay for me in my vehicle can i need to indulge the truth that I’ve got a car title loan or will the financial institution give us a certain time to obtain the title for them? I haven’t got an issue letting the customer realize that I’ve got a car title loan, I simply do not want the procedure to become screwed up because of it, or even the bank require I provide them with the title before they provide me the check. Anybody understand how this could work? Thanks.

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